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Loving the One Who is Afraid To Open

I see you.

I see the fear in your fingertips fighting to keep your fists closed.

I see the terror that shakes inside of you when you unveil your magic.

I see the tremors inside your body that question if this is ok, if this is allowed, if this is enough.

I see the one who is afraid to open.

And I see the one who blooms beyond it all.

May you rest in knowing, your fear is welcome here.

That the arms that expand you are the same arms that hold you.

That the eyes that criticize you are the same eyes that adore you.

That the ears that deafen you are the same ears that amplify you.

May you trust your transition into love. May you believe in the power of it enough to transcend the ties that tear you down. For it is this power, the love of your own heart, that will carry you through to the other side.

You are destined to arrive, destined to be born.

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