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When nothing seems to attract my charge. When I just can’t seem to stand up and overcome. When the fight is never-ending but I just can’t quit. When I am so tired and so in need of vegetation yet resist it out of fear of desolation.

Emptiness, vacancies, loneliness hello to all of you. And hello to all of the pain that you harbor. These layers and this smudge that resides in my cells are simply leftover to remind me of my strength. To remind me of what I have survived. To remind me of my delicate pieces and fragile beauty. Rather than fearing that I am the brokenness, I feel my wholeness encapsulating the all of it.

When we ceaselessly put ourselves out as little puzzle pieces to the world,

waiting and wishing for someone to come and make us whole.

For something to come and fit in the empty space,

for the void and the aches to close up once and for all.

We lose touch with our own authenticity, and our own beauty that we are truly seeking.

We must not fear the quiet.

Or the stillness.

Or the moments we are asked to slow down, sit, and stay.

For it is these times of great discomfort, of longing and itching to run or move or be anywhere but in this body. It is these times that we welcome allowance.

Allow the all of it to arise, and allow yourself to love it all. Offer yourself the greatest allowance of all - your presence, your acceptance, you heart.

In this moment, we are whole.

In this moment, we are allowed.

Allowed to be.

To Be who we are.

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