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you are freedom in a body.

you are resilience.

you are love.

you are strength.

you are grace. 

This is the experience I wish for you to have-- to fall in love with coming to life.

To fall in love with being alive and to find the freedom in rewriting your life story, on the daily.

To fully commit to being here, and to embrace the experience of enlivening new aspects of yourself and your world.

I understand the hopelessness, exhaustion, and desperation that arises when we are trying to find a "right way" to care for ourselves. I understand what it feels like to be faced with what feels like the impossible-- whether that is chronic pain, illness, traumatic experience, or shocking life events. I understand what deep disconnection feels like, and a hunger for life change. 


I am here to provide you with a loving, nurturing space where you can feel who you are amidst the constriction of life's challenges. I am here to help you see beyond these confined spaces, as you break beyond your barriers to venture in to new life.


I believe in your personal responsibility and capacity to liberate yourself from stress, fear, and pain. 

I LOVE to walk that path with you.




The process of supporting and loving yourself is not always easy, but a deeply rewarding journey.

Your active participation is required, but we certainly do not need to do it all alone.

I am here to help you see your light and live in connection to that.

When we begin to see ourselves as gifts,

we cultivate the strength and grace to treat ourselves and define our lives accordingly. 

professional Background:



creative visionary

200 Hour Yoga Instructor

Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

reiki master

advanced quantum human design specialist

quantum alignment system practioner

quantum human design family coach

quantum human design transformational coach

tre (trauma releasing exercises) student

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