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- F U L L S P E C T R U M -

Scream, curl up, rage, shake, love, kiss, contract, move, breathe, choke, grr,

this passion,

this purpose,

this presence.

Shapes, sizes, forms, colors.

Let it all in.

And what do I do with this energy, where do I put this, what even is this? Why am I riding this?

Just being me. Just being me. Just bring me.

For what, for where? Did I miss my chance?

“Nothing’s missing.”

To the returning feelings, the escaping pain, the grasping hands, the hurting heart, the addictive cravings, the spinning, the spaciousness, the spirals. What would it look like if you believed nothing is missing? If you trusted that all of you is here, maybe dormant in form, maybe waking up right now, but all of you is here. And so much of you lives around you-- in others, in the earth, in the heavens, in the chambers of the heart.

What if we moved towards the spectrum of feeling, of experience, rather than retract into rigidity?

What if we fully trusted we would survive the shock, and make it through to the other side?

Riding the waves, moving with the tide, with the breath of life.

"I trust the reflection of my light, I trust the shaping of my light, and I let this current carve through me with absolute conviction inside my soul and bones that it knows where to go and what to do."

That this FEELING, SENSATION, EXPERIENCE is direct evidence of the universe flowing through me, and the proper outlets and reflections always arrive exactly at the right moment.

The experiences, my body opens, and allows for these experiences in, as I release the pain of the past and the regrets of not fully being here, as I release the regrets that would have done it differently, wishes to have been here more fully, and I love myself to the other side of this fear, I love myself to the other side of this pain, and let in even deeper and more expanded ecstasy into my life.

When the passion and the fire awakens, where do we put it?

Do we burn it up, recycle it through, push it out, hold it in?

This life force, this expression, this voice, knows exactly where to go.

Why would you question God?

How could you doubt Creation?

What are you so afraid of?

Escape of the fog and come back home.

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