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Love Yourself (As You Stand Today)

Soften and release. Trust the tides that are tugging at you. Trying to capture your attention.

Trying to turn you over, toss you around, and tear you down, until you see that what remains is perfection. That what stands today, is truth. That the one who breathes today, is enough.

Perfectly enough.

May the battle break you to the ground.

May the striving spark the sweetest surrender you have yet to face.

Release it.

Release the form you are trying to fit.

Release the need to earn.

Release the fantasy of “if, then.”

Release it all, to feel the all of you.

Finally. And Forever.

I am in here. Here, I am.

May we dissolve the desire to be more and do more and think more and earn more, by taking the time to love that precious being of yours as you exist today. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, simply being. Release the delay in loving you as you stand today.

I can love me and my _____________ (insert so called imperfections here).

I can love me and my _________________ (insert life crises here).

I can love me and my ______________ (insert past mistakes and extend forgiveness here).

I love me and my __________________ (insert health issues and body insecurities here).

I love me, I love the all of me, period.

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