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Letter To Stress: "I Surrender"

Thank you for trying to serve me

I know you have been trying to keep me safe, protected, productive, and alive.

But it is time for me to walk away now.

I no longer need to be walking with you this way.

I am choosing to free myself from these cycles.

I am choosing to break them knowing I am going to be safe.

Knowing everything is going to get done, knowing that I will be okay.

I acknowledge the part of me that pushes and drives out of fear.

That only knows how to keep going to survive.

That only knows how to navigate life under avoidance of pain or running away from pain.

I acknowledge the part of me that is scared to slow down.

That fears the landing of coming into the physical body.

That is afraid to feel.

That is afraid to not be “doing”.

I acknowledge the disconnection I may have had to create with my body.

I see the rift and separation.

I see the spinning, spiraling, and running around.

I see the exhaustion behind it all.

I see the stillness that I crave now.

I believe in the peace that is to come.

The presence that is available now.

I believe in my body’s ability to restore

To balance, to harmonize, to breathe.

It is safe for me to be here.

I am a complete, whole person.

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