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You are not to blame

For the dysfunction you face inside

For the fears that keep you spinning

For the cellular debris

You are not to blame

For the shape of your spine

The fluctuations of hormones

The misfiring in the brain

Or the creepings of cravings

You are not the afflictions that have been pressed upon you

Nor your coping mechanisms to survive

You, the true you, shines the light that beams beyond it all.

When we shift into the eyes of innocence, and see through the eyes of love, we peel up the power we have to change. 

This power comes through love

Through a deep love for the one who can no longer have it this way

For the one who cannot stand another day of this pain

For the one who cannot face this fear

For the one who wishes her body was different

For the one who cries in hiding

For the one who wants out

For the one who needs a fix

For the one who is in desperation of release.

When we find the grace to stop blaming ourselves, we lift ourselves out of chains into a place of power. We return our soul to a powerful place of connection. Connection to a higher level that says “I am here for you and I love you and I will show up for you.” This cannot be authentically cultivated if we chose to ignore, manipulate, or shame our light away.

It is a choice. To surrender the fight, to silence the voice that wants to continue to destroy you with judgement. It can cease. We can locate it, wrestle it down, and rip it away. It is brutally loving.

Discover the voice of love.

Discover the voice of care.

Discover the one who sees the innocence, and desires to sync up to you and your true light. 

Innocence is purity of light. It is who you were before the world got a shot at you.

It is the light before it became distorted, twisted, and tainted. And it wants to run free, play, explore, love, create, laugh, smile, and be.

I see you in all of your beauty

In all of your power

In all of your pain

In all of strength. 

Heres to the reclamation of innocence. 

With every breath, 


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