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beloved body

Beloved Body. Have you fallen in love with the physical form? It is the only thing we truly carry with us in this lifetime. The storage bin of all our memories, emotions, fears, loves, insecurities, and joys.

We cannot run, hide, or lie to our bodies. They are too brilliant and compassionate and will confront us time and time again with the truth. For they have taken the hit. Taken the repercussions of existence. And it is in our power to tend to them. To slow down, listen, and take the time to care for our bodies. Without doing so, we lock up in stagnant, old ways of existing. We become overpowered by the lingering unconscious ways of living. The ways we had to operate in order to survive. The layers of "ego" that dominated our instinctual, free, pure, radiant light.

We are called to make space in our bodies. To make space in this body for the soul to drop in. We have worked so hard to build up our identities. To black out our light with walls and pain that says this is “who I am.” The truth is “this is who I had to be” to survive the pain I’ve experienced. This is "who I had to be" to protect myself from this pain. But it ends here. There is so much more to feel, taste, and experience. So much more beyond the walls and barriers of fear and darkness.

The process of "birthing my being" invokes a true dedication to establishing a loving relationship with your body. I have recently remembered the beauty and power that lies in slowing down and becoming still with yourself. Reminding myself that I have nowhere to run to and nothing to run from, and simply allowing myself to be where I am. This invites in a silence that can be frightening at first, but freeing forevermore.

The freedom lies in the courage to meet yourself where you truly reside. To feel the pain that sits inside your cells, and to sync up with the anxiety that you are trying to simmer.

Rather than fighting, hiding, or running, can you find the space to sit with yourself? And listen to your body and what it is trying to communicate with you. From this place of love and softness, healing arises.

May we walk with courage.

Taking the courage to drop into our bodies.

And sit with the feelings that still linger and prod at us, asking for our attention.

As we liberate ourselves from these layers of identity, we can hear our soul speak.

Drop in. & Listen.

You deserve freedom.

Freedom to be.

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