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Calibration (Check In Before Checking Out)

Have you ever had a day where you just felt so far away? And had NO idea how to get out of it. Or a time when you didn’t know what to pick up next, how to feel better, like your body was so taxed or stressed, and your soul so tired, that nothing seemed to click. That you have exhausted your resources, or stepped away from self-care for so long that you felt stuck under all of yours stressors.

If this has been you, I am here to tell you it is okay. But I know how difficult this can be to navigate, so I want to help you do a “True Self Calibration.” This is simply a checklist for you to say, okay, “What has been my recent experience with the following nourishing activities?”

Get really real.

True Self-Calibration: Have I recently enjoyed...

  • Exercise

  • Socially connection

  • Engaging in a soul nourishing outlet or getting my energy out in a way I prefer (art, dance, movement, creativity, hobby, writing, etc)

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition/food

  • Sunshine

  • Real Life > Technology

Check to See if You Are:

  • Depleted (worn down, nutritionally, energetically)

  • Disconnected (from yourself, life, others)

  • Deprived (socially, physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally)


  • Have I been experiencing any intense emotional waves lately?

  • Have I been numbing out lately?

  • Do I feel shocked? Scared? Or Afraid? Deep down inside.

When you really review where you have or have not been placing your energy, you can offer yourself some grace and reassurance that your needs have not been met, and with a little bit of love you can come back online! :)


“I am running the show. My true self still exists, despite how I am feeling right now. I see this as a temporary state. I trust I am beyond this state and am capable of collecting myself. I believe in my ability to return to myself.”

Wrap it Up back to Yourself:

  • Breathwork. Find connection to your breath and take 5 deep belly breaths. Actually feel the rise & fall of your belly.

  • Name 10 things in your surroundings. Pause and do this exercise. This calms the nervous system and brings your energy up into your conscious mind.

  • Engange in a 10 minute focus activity. Literally force yourself to sit for 10 minutes and focus on one thing. Whether that is reading, writing, meditating, breathing, walking, you pick. Just NO screens or technology allowed here. Focus, let the brain settle.

Promise Yourself: Speak this OUT LOUD

“I hear and see you _______(insert name here)! I am going to respond in the best way I can to support you, love you, and help you heal. I am here for you. I am here for you. I’m going to do what I can.”

You are so loved beauties. Got more questions or feedback? Send me an email: Xoxo

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