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Space to Be

Space to BE is a sacred mother’s circle where we come together and renew, in order to return to the world with more of who we are. With a new theme every session, we come together to breathe, meditate, move, and connect. This space is here for you to return to and recharge your individuality. It provides you with a gracious breath to feel yourself amidst the motions of motherhood, and shake out the stress, rage, and angst that can build in the system. Clear out any pain that may be preventing you from fully being here. Release the guilt and shame lodged inside, and welcome in more light and ease. 


BE empowered. BE patient. BE present. BE trusting. BE allowed. BE joyful. BE you. 






This group is for you if:

  • You need space to release the emotional turmoil of motherhood

  • You craving a recharge for yourself, in order to return to life more like you

  • You’re longing to BE the mother you feel inside

  • You need to forgive yourself

  • You want to reawaken your individuality, and create space for YOU (outside of the role of “mom”)

  • You want to move through the emotions of depression, anger, exhaustion, sadness, guilt or grief

  • You’re hungry for connection with other mothers and to relax in a safe space


  • This is a virtual gathering via zoom. 

  • Flexible for mothers

  • Donation based- suggested donation of $22/class

  • Movement, breathing, meditation

  • Theme every week to help us stay grounded & connected (compassion, patience, self-love, releasing fear/mom guilt/shame/doubt)

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