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Quantum Human Design Reading 

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science that can help you understand the beauty and power of who you truly are. It provides a chart calculated from your birth data that provides very specific insight into your gifts, vulnerabilities, personality, life themes, psychology and health. Human Design teaches us how to live authentically according to the energetic blueprint we were given when we were born.


It is an incredible tool that can help you “birth yourself." Many people who explore human design finally feel free to follow their flow, express their truth, and embrace their sensitivities and life's challenges. 

  • In your reading, I offer you insight into your human design type, profile, authority, strategy, and help you sync up to your energy type to live freely as the art you are.

  • We discuss your life themes, decision making strategies, challenges, and blessings. 

  • In your Human Design Reading, you will receive the space you have been craving to meet the true you and feel empowered to bring more life to your authenticity.

  • I will introduce you to your unique energetic blueprint, and walk with you to understand the many unique layers that build your beautiful composition.

  • You will learn about your gifts, vulnerabilities, relationships, life themes, and challenges.

  • You will walk away with profound confidence, a sigh of permissive relief, self-love, renewed hope, and authentic power.





  • Collect a complete comprehensive overview of your chart

  • Fuel up with insight, love, understanding, and a force of truth that is ready to move through you

  • Renew your relationship with yourself and the world around you

  • Absorb extended insight and application of your energetic blueprint in your 60 minute live session

  • Weave in your questions, reflections, epiphanies to deepen your integration and healing experience

Bonus Materials:

  • Copy of your chart

  • A recording of our session for your lifetime reference

  • A powerful journaling practice to accompany your newfound breakthroughs and insights 

  • Compassionate, creative space to feel yourself and draw out your life story

Contact: Please email with your interest,

or send me a direct message on my instagram account @birthingmybeing

Payment is collected upon first appointment. 

***If you are interested in doing a reading for your child(ren), please include this in your message.

This session is for you if: 

  • You have curiosities about "why you are here"

  • You are tired of fighting up against what feels right for you

  • You want to rebuild self-trust and restore your authentic power

  • You are interested in learning how to make powerful, aligned decisions

  • You have experienced confusing, chronic themes in your life and you are seeking clarity or a sense of peace

  • You want to learn how to more compassionately support yourself, your children, or a loved one

  • You have heard of Human Design and are going "I want to know more"

  • You are ready to meet your authentic self and live more fully

What you can expect:

  • A gentle immersion into Human Design (I break it down simply for you so you can understand, learn, & grow)

  • An overview of your chart, highlighting specific themes and energies dependent upon your reading request

  • Many "a-ha" moments

  • Opportunity to understand yourself deeper than ever before

  • Profound confidence and a sigh of permissive relief

  • Deeper sense of self love and compassion

  • Extension of grace and forgiveness to yourself

  • Excitement about WHO YOU ARE and WHY you are HERE

connect all the dots of who you are,
& find the freedom in putting it all together.

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