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Where Self Care meets

Self Love

Welcome to Birthing My Beauty! Here you will discover the natural products, rituals, and love that your body has been waiting to receive. 

Every product is guaranteed to move you closer to connection with your inner beauty as you appreciate and adore your body with the enriching, rejuvenating essences of nature. 

Enjoy inspiring, heart opening practices that awaken your love for yourself. Absorb words and rituals into your daily life that transform how you view your body, skin, and soul.  

Preview the Products:

All Natural Bath Salts (includes a bath bag & scoop)

  • Grounding Blend 

  • Floral Blend


Essential Oil Rollerballs 

  • "Reunite"-a grounding, holy blend to reconnect and recollect before bed

  • "True You"-an invigorating blend to awaken and extract your confident nature

  • "Here I am"-a floral blend for calming and harmonizing emotions


All Natural Bath Bombs


  • Relaxation Rose

  • Ground the Breath

  • Skin Rejuvenation

  • Soothe


Combo Packs:

We offer a wide variety of combos and choices. You select the products you want in your package! We set the formula, you fill it up, along with yourself :)


  1. 2 medium bath bombs, 8 oz bath salt of choice 

  2. 8 oz bath salts, one rollerball of choice

  3. A Little bit of All the Love: one rollerball, 8oz bath salts, bath bomb (you pick)

  4. Rollerball LOVE (all 3)


Mama Special: 

Includes special rituals and practices to support the mother & mother to be.


  • Bath Salts for Mama to BE (Pregnancy Safe!)

  • Aches N Pains Rollerball for Pregnancy

  • Bath Kit for Mama (rollerball + 8oz jar of salts)

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