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birthing my being


What is "Be You"?

In this three month program, you will receive the space you’ve needed to connect to yourself and support your health. I will be here to support you, guide you, and love you as you move through your transformation. My intention for you is that you walk away feeling more like yourself with a renewed energy toward life. Together, we will work to a place where you will feel healthier in your body, clearer in your mind, connected to your soul, and rejuvenated in your own skin. 

This program is designed to help you FEEL the true you, so you can BE YOU. We graciously and lovingly move through the barriers so you can anchor your authenticity. Together, we exercise loving ways to address your health concerns and co-create a healing environment in your body that will allow you to be yourself. There is a strong emphasis on re-learning how to relate to yourself, your world, pain, challenges, your body, emotions, and food.


How does it work?

Using the body as a tool, we will explore your health concerns and symptoms from a holistic approach. This means we will also look at other areas in your life to see where imbalances may be and dive to the root of symptoms. We work to rewire your beliefs and mindset to empower a way of thinking that supports the truth of who you are. We work with your body to ease up tension and stress to allow yourself to be more present and connected to daily life. 

Together, we work to connect to WHO YOU ARE, and collect ways to strengthen your relationship with your true self. I support you in liberating yourself from stress, disempowerment, limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, and work to keep your energy open. I help you see who you are outside of the constriction of life's challenges, outside of labels, pain, & diagnoses and tune in to what makes you uniquely you.






































12 weeks--$333/month

If financial barriers or stressors exist for you, please reach out to to discuss payment options

This program is for you if:

  • You are exhausted, period.

  • You feel suffocated in shame, self-judgement, or self denial

  • You want to learn how to establish a healthy relationship with food

  • You are tired of beating up your body, you want to befriend your body

  • You want freedom from emotional pain and fighting your feelings

  • You want to optimize your mood, energy, and digestion

  • You want to come out of the stress, survival response and enter in to a creative, relaxed way of life 

  • You want to claim your self expression, your body, and your life

  • You want to connect to your authentic self and live free to BE this person

What can I expect? 

You can expect to receive: 

  • Biweekly sessions (60 minutes)

  • A safe, loving space for you to express

  • A more authentic relationship with yourself

  • Texting and voice support (via Voxer app)

    • Opportunity to ask questions regarding health, food, groceries, experiences, reflections, practices, whatever arises as you begin this new journey with yourself!

    • Opportunity to make yourself seen and heard-- I hold space for you and listen to your progress, your discoveries, & your challenges.

  • Support for the Soul-journaling prompts, affirmations, & meditations

  • Access to my Transformation Toolbox- I share with you the reading material, videos, and modalities that are ready to enhance your growth and offer stabilization during shakey times.

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