“Be Free” Follow Up

This is a 60 minute session where we cover and revisit anything that stood out to you about your chart or your initial reading. To answer those lingering questions, anchor in more presence and worthiness, and nourish your light. 


If you have been facing a recurring theme leaving you going WTF, overcoming challenges in a somewhat “I’m losing it and can’t do this anymore” style, or simply seeking support to transition into your next chapter, this time is here to hold you. 


If you’re feeling stoked on where you’re going, inspired, alive, and needing to echo off your excitement, this time is here to hold you. 


If you are a combination of both, and craving some space to clear the blocks moving forward, this time is here to hold you. 


I am so EXCITED to reconnect with you and see where you’ve been, & where you are going. 


All the Love, 



Investment: $111

Contact: Please email birthingmybeing@gmail.com with your interest, 

or send me a direct message on my instagram account @birthingmybeing

All sessions are held virtually at this time via Zoom.

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