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powering possibility, provoking your potential

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This is the space you have been craving to connect to your heart and new possibiliities for your life.

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Drop in to a space that allows you to dream, while being deeply supported and guided with clarity. 

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Celebrate your life and the miracle that is You. Watch as the world responds to the true you.

I would LOVE to see you in this space...submit here for first FREE CLASS!


You are not delusional. You are powerful.

It's time to create with grounded faith & overflowing support.

Come and craft your dream, 

Let it live through you,

You, the one who is here to give it life.

  • The Intention for PARACOSM:

    • This is anchoring a template for dreaming and creating a new life for the collective. My heart’s desire is to hold a space that normalizes dreaming. That normalizes desiring more for your life, without making you feel crazy or stuck or reminding you of how badly it aches. That allows and premises wild ideas, way out there innovations, the impossible, the miracles, the change, the transformation, and the beauty along this journey of life. This is your way through.

    • This is specifically designed with drop in options for you because I want you to actively choose every time you show up to this space. I want this to be accessible as a gateway to a new reality for you. Nonetheless, you are the active participant and choosing when and how frequently to show up is your choice.

    • This is not the next program you sign up for and resent later. This is not another online course flooding you with information that you put down at the end of it. This is not another membership that just passively rebills every month. This is a class full of possibilities for you, you choose when to show up and how often to pour energy into feeling, crafting, and connecting to your PARACOSM, your template for creation.

  • The Deets:

    • 60 minute class/twice a month

    • $22 drop in ​

    • Virtual via zoom- you can book with a provided scheduling link once dates are finalized​

    • Exact class date and time coming soon!

  • What you Learn:

    • Crafting your Paracosm- A Dream World that Exists Besides this One

    • Set your S(Pace)- Electrify your Environment

    • The Art of You- Intro to Quantum Human Design

    • Decoding Desire- Is it what you Truly Want?

    • The Power of Pause- Receiving Rest, Continuing Creation

    • Density Dissolves- Parting ways with the Past 

    • Heartbeatz- Impact & Imprinting

    • Devotional Daydreaming- Dare to DO IT

    • Synchronized- Soaking in the Synchronicities

    • Reverb & Resonance- How to be Heard

    • Innocence=Imagination- Reawakening the Child 

    • Honey on the Tongue- Senses Activation

    • Heaven Rushing In- It’s bigger than YOU

    • Feel the Flow-  Where the Light Lives

    • The Faith Fountain- Drink Up

    • Essence Enhancement- More of YOU

    • Animation is Creation- Play

    • REALity- The Support & Structures You Deserve​

  • What to Expect:

    • The Unexpected

    • Learn how to navigate the unknown that comes with creativity

    • Grounding vision into reality

    • Translating inspiration into action

    • Richer experience of life & connection

    • Deep remembrance of play & innocence

    • Gratitude for life on this planet

    • A transformed experience of creation

    • A renewed perspective on dreaming

    • Overflowing support and love for who you are

  • The Flow of the PARACOSM class:

    • Every class will open with a few minutes of music and an artistic visual to drop you into a space of wonder & awe.

    • We will move into a teaching on creation, inspiring you to connect to your dream or vision for your life. 

    • We will open the call for questions, a space for you to receive guidance and direction on what you are building, desiring, and where you are simply finding yourself in life right now. What’s good? What’s feeling confusing? What is lighting you up? What are your breakthroughs? What are your breakdowns? What are your breakups?

    • Throughout the time we encourage you to be on camera and connect with others in this space in chat. Be open. Be receptive. Be engaged. Be present.

    • It is recommended you have a copy of your human design chart to receive the most out of these calls. Human design allows for laser clear direction that is in alignment with your energetic blueprint and I would love to be able to guide you with this tool. You can run your chart for free here. 

    • We will end the call with an outro of music and visuals to close out the Paracosm space.

    • Rinse and repeat. Repetition is how we receive results and continue to affirm the new storyline and reality and watch as the world responds to the true you.

  • FAQs:

  • I don’t feel clear on my vision or where I want to go or what I want to do. Is this for me?

    • ABSOLUTELY! This space is here to hold you as you remember more for yourself and your life. This is time designed to get you back in touch with the voice of your soul, the desires of your heart, and the way your body wishes to move through life. Simply choosing to step into a space that is rooted in inspiration, creativity, possibility, and massive love for who you are will initiate the dreaming process for you. This is designed to meet you where you are. Creativity lives in seasons, there are times for the void, times for disruption, times for expansion, and times of the in between. We honor these cycles and meet you where you are finding yourself currently. 

  • I feel pretty fluent in my mission and craft. Is this for me?

    • ​100%! Creation is a continuation. There is always space for refinement, exploring the new, and as we know, life is always presenting us with opportunities to level up, or move closer to what truth means to you. This space serves as a portal of inspiration and support for you to connect a little deeper and see what is waiting for you inside your heart. Sometimes this also looks like the grief that comes with growth, challenging endings, or choosing to slow down. Paracosm is where it all exists.​​

  • I don’t know my birth time for my human design chart. Will this still work for me?

    • My suggestion is you try it out regardless. The teachings, community connection, and energy in this space is powerful, and human design applications just take it to the next level for you. We also have ways to rectify your chart so please email me if this is you and you are serious about discovering your chart. I would love to help you with this because again, you deserve all the support for your path and I suggest not cutting yourself off from tools that can change your life.

  • I feel a little nervous to try something that seems so different. This is making me feel the feels. 

    • My response is that I would hope that it does. This is your life we are talking about. Your one breathing, waking, living existence on this earth. This is not some floofy idea. This is the power that comes with the changes and transformations your soul is craving and longing for. You are worthy of it all. Please note, this is sacred work. We are working with your heart, your mind, your body, and like I said, this is your LIFE. As fun and dreamy and playful as I hope this feels for you, I want to recognize that this is vulnerable and requires courage to step in. I am truly so grateful for the trust in yourself, me, and life itself that lead you to this page and your bravery in doing something different.

  • Will I see results from one class?

    • This is a practice. Like any practice, the more you pour into it, the more you receive back. I have full faith that with one class you will receive a spark that can light you up and shift you forward in a truly practical and exciting way, but I also know the reality of re-designing your life and all the factors at play. I believe you are worth more than one dose of inspiration. I believe the dream inside your heart deserves more than a drop in. Creation takes time and we honor that. We are not rushing our process or trying to hijack our experience. We are staying in alignment as we create and feel more of who we truly are and loving it as we do so.  With anything, I recommend you follow what feels right.  

I used to work as a neurofeedback technician at a neurofeedback center. We would train people’s brains to rewire from depression, anxiety, addiction, insomnia, and all things mental health. This was done by hooking electrodes to the brain and rewarding specific brainwave patterns while inhibiting others. This often looked like the patient playing a video game or watching nature or artistic shows on netflix while their brain was being trained, receiving a flash on the screen to reward or hearing beeps when their brain was in a specific state in order to strengthen the desired brainwave pattern.


I often wondered how much of the effectiveness was simply from being immersed multiple times a week in the space of watching beauty, nature, life enhancing visuals. And leaving the “real world” behind for a little bit, returning to life with a refreshed perspective. Food for thought… What happens when we remember more wonder and awe? What happens when we let our mind be blown open with different ideas, different possibilities? How can we support and love the part of us that will fight and fear the new? How can we honor the pieces of us that are afraid, that need faith, and finally turn towards the nudges and the whispers of the heart and soul?

In my past 10 years of experience serving in holistic and healing settings of all types, and holding space for hundreds of mentorship, personal readings, and training calls, I can say one of the greatest place of pain for people comes when they are living a life where they can no longer feel themselves. A life that is not reflective of the light that lives inside. A life that requires scary changes, a life where the future might feel so unknown and uncertain, yet all the while, your heart is there inside. Speaking, whispering, yearning for new life. 

Here, we hear you.

Here, we see you.

Here, we let you live.

See you in the PARACOSM.


All the LOVE,



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