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group human design reading

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connections and dynamics within the team and note where conflicting energies may be arising. Learn how to harmonize energy.

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communication skills amongst team by design and enhance the beauty and magnificence of your unique group.

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manifestation space for the team, vision, and mission. Craft room for each individual to shine their strengths and optimize their potential.

Do you own a business?

Are you driving forward a group mission? Mapping a collective vision in a group of three or more?

Or curious how Human Design plays out within your group of friends?

  • This experience is intended to unify members of a team by supporting each member in understanding their individual strengths, vulnerabilities, gifts, and how to optimize their unique potential drawing from the wisdom of the Quantum Human Design Chart.

  • Additionally, this space is intended to unify a group through recognition. By supporting each individual in seeing who they truly are, the team thrives and expands into a new level of coherence and creation. 

  • As a group, we look at the most optimal expressions of communication, energy mechanics to be aware of, and how to sustain and flourish the mission of your team.

  • Own your role, own your power, and own your purpose.

  • $1111 for up to 5 individual chart readings and a collective syntheisis done in a group setting

  • Includes: journaling exercises, individual chart write ups, and copies of Human Design chart

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