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safety in every season

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connections and dynamics within the team and note where conflicting energies may be arising. Learn how to harmonize energy.

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communication skills amongst team by design and enhance the beauty and magnificence of your unique group.

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manifestation space for the team, vision, and mission. Craft room for each individual to shine their strengths and optimize their potential.

Do you own a business?

Are you driving forward a group mission? Mapping a collective vision in a group of three or more?

Or curious how Human Design plays out within your group of friends?

Sometimes we do not need to know all the things or learn more things. 

We do not need more information. 

We just need to be with what is. 

We desire peace. 

We cry for a pause. 

We long for comfort. 

And we need to be reminded that life is inherently benevolent. 

That life is safe. 

That there is room for our presence on earth.

To make peace with the past, to honor the twists and turns, to see yourself in the middle of it all.

We desire a place that honors every season of life.

We find safety in the contraction. 

We anchor peace. 

We feel our heart. 

We breathe from here.

  • $1111 for up to 5 individual chart readings and a collective syntheisis done in a group setting

  • Includes: journaling exercises, individual chart write ups, and copies of Human Design chart

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